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Being a pioneer in providing specialist engineering design services to wide range of industries across the globe, Engineering Technique has been one of the finest company based out of India for all of your outsourcing needs.

Engineering Technique offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to support you to fix complicated challenges related to dynamic structural, fatigue, vibration and thermal analysis with profitable and well timed scientific solutions.

Engineering technique has become one of the best firms for providing consultation services on FEA services and product design optimization.

Our services are utilized by diverse industries across the globe namely Automotives, Aviation, Consumer commodities, Educational, Environmental, Health and Medical, Large manufacturing equipment, and Telecommunications.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services Expertise:

Engineering Technique is enriched with a high level of proficiency in the expanse established on the foreground of experience. Our engineering experts are known for analyzing the robustness of current infrastructure, developing contemporary architecture, gauging new concepts and prognosticative performance. Our engineers are trained extensively for shortening the timelines. We help our customers to diagnose the faults in the product at the very initial phases and thereby curtailing the time to launch the product in the market.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services Capabilities:

Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis

  • Linear Static Structural Analysis
  • Non Linear Static Structural Analysis
  • Structural Static Stress Analysis
  • Composites Modeling
  • Handling Analysis

Thermal Analysis

  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Radiation Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Conduction Analysis
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Creep Analysis
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis

Fatigue Analysis

  • Fracture Analysis
  • Analysis of Weld Fatigue
  • Vibration Fatigue
  • Low / High Cycle Fatigue
  • Spectral Fatigue
  • Structural Fatigue
  • Composite Fatigue

Vibration Analysis

  • Modal Analysis
  • Handling Analysis
  • Explicit Dynamic Analysis
  • Lifting Analysis
  • Harmonic Response Analysis
  • Multi Body Dynamics Simulation
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • NVH Analysis

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