Applications for 3D Printing

Entertainment Industry

The requirement of the film and animation industries is for highly detailed models with good surface finish so that models can be used for visual mock ups, photo/film shoots and master patterns for molding. EnvisionTEC 3D printers are ideal for this industry as the surface finish of models straight from the machine means little or no hand finishing of the parts are required, which is essential on free form textured models.

3D Printers for the Entertainment Industry

3D Printing Materials for the Entertainment Industry

  • ABS Flex White
  • Q-View
  • Pro Gray
  • RC Series
  • R11
  • R5
  • Photosilver
  • E-Shore A
  • LS600
  • ABS Hi-Impact
  • E-Tool 2.0
  • HTM 140 V2
  • ABS Tough
  • E-Model
  • E-Glass 2.0
  • PIC 100 Series

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