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MySolidWorks offers the latest SOLIDWORKS news, discussions, content, training resources, and CAD models all in one place. You'll also have access SOLIDWORKS experts from the entire community.

With MySolidWorks, you don't have to go to multiple websites to find information about SOLIDWORKS. If it's out there on the web, in the forums or even hidden within the knowledge base, MySolidWorks can find it. That's something not even Google can do!

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  • Find answers: Get comprehensive answers to your questions from multiple places at once.
  • Learn new skills: Gain knowledge with exclusive online SolidWorks training through My.SolidWorks.
  • Discuss and Collaborate: Share the latest blog posts, and videos with your team, get involved in discussions on the forum.

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Resources for MySolidWorks Standard & Professional Users

  • MySolidWorks Training: 120 online training modules added tailored to meet SOLIDWORKS user needs
  • MySolidWorks Drive: Connects cloud-based file storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive with MySolidWorks.
  • MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network: Designed to connect SOLIDWORKS users and reliable manufacturers with 3D Printing, Sheet metal, CNC Machining and Injection Molding to get physical parts made faster.

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