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For children ages 4–14 who want to create and make things and have fun while learning the concepts of 3D design and engineering. SOLIDWORKS® Apps for Kids is an ecosystem of apps designed to inspire and educate. The apps break down the design and engineering process into bite-sized tools to create, style, design and engineer a concept and then present and share it with others.

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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids
Capture It
Children can capture fun and creative ideas by drawing, taking photos or making collages from images and text.
Shape It
Children can create anything they imagine by pushing, pulling or adding material.
Style It
Children can style their Shape It creations with color, paint, stickers and backgrounds.
Mech It
Create fun mechanisms to make things move or create amazing spiral artwork.
Print It
Children can print their Shape It and Style It creations (Mech It coming soon) using a 3D printer or print in one of the fun paper-based project workflows
Show It
Children will be able to show off their 3D creations using this fun, interactive 3D presentation app.
Any creation made with one of the Creation apps (Shape It, Style It and Mech It) can be shared to the gallery to show off to other Apps for Kids players.
Any creation in the gallery can be riffed. A riff is where a child copies an existing design, makes changes to it and then shares it back to the gallery. All riffs are linked back to the original creation so that the creator always gets the design credit they deserve.


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