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3D Models and 2D Drawings of each Spools from Isometric Piping Drawings

The client details

  • A Canada based engineering company specialized to provide solutions with composites products to many industries. It is a global supplier of composite corrosion resistant equipment that can be used in many verticals including chemical, mining, FGD, Pharma, marine and power.
  • Company can conduct plant installation including engineering, manufacturing.

3d model case studyProject Details (Scope of work of the project)

  • Providing 3d models of spools of piping system from provided isometric piping drawings.
  • Providing 2d Drawings of spools with specified templates and systems.

Business need of the client

The client required a 3d models and 2d drawings of each spools from isometric piping drawings. These isometric piping drawings had only piping paths and equipment locations, from that they need a complete spool models and drawings. Total 150+ Spool Models and Drawings need to be created.

Duration of the project

  • Both companies were mutually agreed to complete this package within 18 working days.
  • Engineering Technique delivered final native files within stated delivery period along with QC from both side. (Client as well as Engineering Technique)

Technology used

  • 3D Modeling Software - Solidworks 2016


  • Pdfs for review
  • Solidworks Native files including 3d models and 2d drawings of spools

Solution provided/value addition

  • Engineering Technique understood every parameters required by client and took some decisions based on their requirement.
  • Engineering Technique has also provided some suggestions/rectifications to their existing Iso metric layout which were creating some problems.

Challenges faced if any

  • As every company has its own standard for making drawings and models, this client was also following some methods.
  • First of all Engineering Technique’s engineers understood their Modeling technique followed by QC engineers.

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