Applications for 3D Printing

Dental Industry

EnvisionTEC Dental 3D Printers That Are Fast, Easy, Accurate and Flexible

Digital dentistry is rapidly transforming the dental industry, and premium EnvisionTEC 3D printing technologies are paving the way.

EnvisionTEC offers a full range of desktop, full-production and high-speed continuous 3D printers for dentists, orthodontics and dental labs. Our machines are known throughout the industry for extreme accuracy, high throughput and a smooth surface finish. Our 3D printers deliver tight-fitting crowns and orthodontic models with a best-in-class smooth surface that results in crystal-clear thermoformed aligners.

Paired with an industry-leading materials library, featuring a variety of FDA and CE-approved materials, EnvisionTEC machines offer unmatched flexibility and a complete solution that delivers reliable, proven results.

Clinicians are rapidly adopting EnvisionTEC technologies to lower costs, provide more convenient chairside care and have tighter control over treatment plans. Dental labs, meanwhile, are finding 3D printing technologies are allowing them to increase competitiveness and re-shore production.

3D Printers for the Dental Industry

3d printer for dental industry  3d printer for dental industry

3D Printing Materials for the Dental Industry

3d printer for dental industry  3d printer for dental industry
  • E-Guide Tint
  • E-Dent 400
  • E-Model
  • E-Denstone
  • Press-E-Cast
  • E-Partial
  • E-Denture
  • E-Guard
  • E-Dent 100
  • E-Gum
  • E-IDB

With EnvisionTEC's advanced 3D printing technology, dental labs and clinicians can produce more dentures, with better detail - saving time and cutting costs. Watch the below video to know more.

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