3D Printing in India - Where does it stand currently?

What would you build if you are given the power to create anything? a house? a human organ? a replica? With 3D printing, you will be empowered to develop the digital mode of any idea you have into a physical reality. It's the masterstroke, an Industrial revolution in innovation, manufacturing, distribution, and design. 3D printing is the process of making 3-dimensional objects out of discrete values of a digital file. 3D printing is not new to the world. It is used in medical, industrial, aerospace, architecture, automotive and military sectors. Automotive has the highest share in terms of revenue and volume, globally.

3d printing india

Srinivasa Prakash Regalla, on The New Indian Express, stated that “The advantage of 3D printing is its cost-effectiveness. 3D printing provides a promising growth opportunity for new entrepreneurs, but they should be patient to see rewards and passionate about the technology”.

There was an incredible breakthrough by Indian doctors when they gave a Ghanaian man new genitals with the use of 3D printing in plastic surgery. Based on the advice of a doctor in his country, the patient decided to seek help in India.

Some Indian robotics companies have raised funds to set up a robotics lab in Hyderabad. Entrepreneurs and startups can experiment with robotics using tools of 3D printing there.

3D Printing is predicted to be next big thing in technology. It's Materials Market in India is expected to exceed $9 billion by 2024 and 3D Printer Market to touch $79 Million by 2021 with the country giving a boost to Make in India initiative.

But India has been slow in adopting the technology. According to few organizations lack of knowledge is one of the biggest reasons for the delay in adoption in India.

Anshu Prasher, Associate Director of Innoven Capital, feels that there is a lot of service innovation through startups, but very few startups experimenting in the manufacturing space. So it’s intermediate end users. Eventual application to an end customer is still not there.

So, many schemes are launched with the mission to encourage innovation and impart training at the grassroots level. Narendra Modi launched a project, called Tinkering Labs, which give funds to set up labs in every district of the county. Students here can converge and get to work on projects they would like to innovate. Startups use these labs to educate students and focus a lot more on providing adequate training and services.

Entrepreneurs in India are still coming to terms with new versatile technology currently; however, we are likely to see some significant advancement in this industry in the coming years.

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