CAD is more efficient with SOLIDWORKS - Here's how!

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Based off user requests, over two hundred new features that were evolved and it is included in SOLIDWORKS 2018. SOLIDWORKS – one of the most broadly used software for 3D CAD solutions and an independent product enhancement platform for today’s composite processes.

With the help of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, one can systematically grow new ideas using similar designs swiftly found in your database whether you are an Industrial Designer or Conceptual Designer. You can assess design options with SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to trace progress, control design categories and merely direct data to your whole team you can reserve time and cost. By using tools, one can have superior control of their design that effortlessly finds and repurposes parts, drawing, and files, split design details, automate workflows and helps to make sure manufacturing always has the right version. Designers and engineers can also quickly find design data and documentation to create new designs with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

SOLIDWORKS Composer is easy-to-use and works directly with popular software packages and helps reduce production time and cost for assembly instructions, operator guides, and manuals. You can substantially conserve money on translation and technical training by presenting the instructions optically with very little text.

You can start documentation in advance by using SOLIDWORKS Composer. Through SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional developers can evaluate files and work in collateral with design and manufacturing. When design changes occur, graphics update automatically, so your documentation can be ready for product delivery.

Let us find with few of the Enhancements related with its development:

Freehand sketching and mouse gestures:

Users who have a touch-enabled compatible device is now able to freehand sketches or sketch with a touchscreen pen. For several design tasks which can be used in future creations like converting drawings into shapes or in a straight line into sketch entities with the help of the touchscreen. This magnified mouse signals and user interface customization produces a speedy and more instinctive way to socialize with SOLIDWORKS.

Enhanced SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect:

SOLIDWORKS 2018 3D Interconnect now supports more files such as ACIS, STEP, and IGES and updates changes when new versions are received making it easy to insert into an assembly and access more intrinsic properties from 3D Interconnect supported files. New augmentations to 3D interconnect remove reimporting files and the relocation of data from other design tools.

Cloud-connected SOLIDWORKS licensing:

An exciting new feature involves SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing, which allows you to use your license on multiple machines. Now you don’t have to leave anything behind because all of your customized content and settings will move with your from machine to machine. Also, the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal allows for more natural management of SOLIDWORKS products and services.

With eDrawings Design communication has been enhanced:

Without needing to send a separate decal file, SOLIDWORKS 2018 allows you to include decals as well as display all MBD generated 3D views across multiple configurations of a model. These features of design communication allow for workflow which will be streamlined and setting options and for password protection, it became simple, faster, and more secure.

Assembly performance improvements:

More flexibility is being provided in creating assemblies in SOLIDWORKS. There is a large assembly performance evaluation tool, and now users can temporarily hide faces when mating by using the ALT key for faster assembly components.

In conclusion, cloud-based products are being delivered by SOLIDWORKS. It is a mix of old and new technologies. Existing SOLIDWORKS can run on virtualized desktop and use 3D-EXPERIENCE Xdrive to synchronize data. Files are still in the middle of data management paradigm for these applications. At the same time, new native browser applications, according to announcement can run "on any device, at any place, at any time."

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