How to Setup Toolbox with SOLIDWORKS PDM

When SOLIDWORKS PDM is used to manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, it can perform many automated functions:

  • Adding missing Toolbox components to the vault
  • Creating references between Toolbox parts and SOLIDWORKS assemblies
  • Support the use of the Toolbox Create Parts option to create new parts in the vault

To setup SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox:

  • Copy the Toolbox data “SOLIDWORKS Data” folder into the vault
  • Check in the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Data files

Copy and Check in SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

  • In SOLIDWORKS Administration Tool, enable “Manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in the vault” and “Allow clients to change SOLIDWORKS Toolbox components option”
  • Under the Toolbox root folder path, click on the “…” browse button, browse to the Toolbox root directory in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault which was created in step 1 & 2

Manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in the vault

  • Go to SOLIDWORKS program, “System Options” > “Hole Wizard/Toolbox”, modify the folder part and browse to the Vault toolbox
  • Make sure to click “Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox Components”. This option will automatically update the path of the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox components once they are checked in

Hole Wizard/Toolbox SOLIDWORKS System Options

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