How to use our 3D Printing Service

So, you want to use our 3D Printing Service?

3D printing can be used for so many applications and since it’s a new technology, we thought we’d explain more about the process of using our 3D Printing Service.

First, congratulations! You are thinking outside the box and finding new ways to turn your ideas into reality by using a 3D printing service! That’s the first step! But what’s the next step???

What’s needed?

Number one is that you need to have a digital 3D model of what you want printed. You can create this yourself in 3D modelling software, you can download designs from a number of websites, or you can get our designers at Engineering Technique to design something for you. If you will be designing yourself, keep in mind that there are specific requirements for designing for 3D printing, like minimum wall thickness. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Next, you need to provide us with some information about the final use of your product so that we can advise on the best material to use and figure out the best way to print it.

  • What is the end use?
  • Confirm the size of the print
  • How strong does it need to be?
  • Is there a specific colour you’d like?

Once we have the design file and this information, we can answer….

How much will it Cost?

We price our 3D Printing Service based on the material usage (and type) and print time.

  • Material usage & type really depends on the size of your print, as well as the strength required (if you need really strong, then we print with more plastic to make it stronger). We can also use different types of plastics to get different prints with different properties based on your needs.
  • Print time is affected by size of the print, the level of detail, and the required quality of the print. If you need a print with high quality (high resolution), then it takes longer to print and therefore will cost more.

How long will it take to get your print?

This depends on the print time of your specific print. If the print is only a few hours, we can often turn it around that day, or at least by the next business day. If the print is long, or requires a lot of post-print processing (assembling, sanding, etc), then it will take longer. We will provide an indication of when you will receive your print when we give you the quote.

How to get started using our 3D Printing Service:

  • Upload a 3D model (or ask us to create one)
  • Give us the details as mentioned above
  • Get a quote from us on cost and time
  • 100% advance payment
  • Enjoy!

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