envisiontec 3d printer distributor India
Applications White Paper


EnvisionTEC is a Global Leaders in Jewelry 3D Printers for Castable Parts — And We at Engineering Technique is an Authorized PAN India Distributor of EnvisionTEC for their Jewellery Application 3D Printers.

EnvisionTEC’s wide range of Jewellery 3D Printers is the perfect choice who searches for the highest quality tools to produce the most exceptional jewelry. With EnvisionTEC, 3D print jobs go straight to the customer for review to casting and molding.

Why envisionTEC's advanced DLP Technology is Better for Jewelry 3D Printing:

•    Highest quality prints
•    Superior detail, precision and a smooth surface finish
•    Incredibly reliable
•    Highly detailed filigree and accurate settings
•    15-micron resolution capability
•    Perfect choice for micro pave or invisible settings
•    Save money in metal material and metal finishing time
•    Direct Cast Option
•    Hot or Cold Moulding Resin Choice
•    Low Running Cost

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