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Xtreme 3SP

EnvisionTEC’s Xtreme 3SP large format 3D printer allows for production of exceptionally large 3D parts, built at fast build speeds without sacrificing surface quality and part accuracy. Xtreme 3SP 3D Printers use EnvisionTEC’s 3SP (Scan, Spin, and Selectively Photocure) technology to quickly 3D prints highly accurate parts from STL files regardless of geometric complexity. The Xtreme 3SP 3D Printer is delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable automatic generation of supports and perfect model production. The surface quality of the printed models shows no signs of stairstepping on the inner and outer surfaces. The reliability of the light source and the high-speed productivity of these large format 3D printers make them some of the most competitive 3D printers on the market today.

Build Envelope 254 x 362 x 330 mm (10 x 14.25 x 13 in.)
XY Resolution* 100 µm (0.004 in.)
Dynamic Resolution in Z (material dependent) 50 to 100 µm (0.002 to 0.004 in.)
Data Handling STL
Warranty 1 Year included
  1. A single material is used for both build and easily removable, partially cured perforated supports.
  2. Very few moving parts make the system user serviceable.
  3. Low part cost due to minimal material waste.
  4. Produce everything from concept models to functional parts.
  5. Can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network for pre-processing of the job files and for remote monitoring.
  6. The system has a stand-alone PC, which allows it to work independently from the pre-processing workstation.
  7. Footprint (L x W x H): 165 x 122 x 165 cm (65 x 48 x 65 in.)
  8. Weight: 404 kg (890 lbs)

E-Glass 2.0: Strong, clear material with flexible capabilities

ABS Hi-Impact: Prototype and end-use model printing

E-Model: Prototype and end-use model printing

E-Rigid PU: Polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints end-use and prototype parts that compete with injection molded plastics

FormCast Powered by Somos: Engineering-grade dual use material for prototyping and investment casting.

E-RigidForm: A groundbreaking material that produces strong, hard and stiff parts for prototypes and end use.

E-Tool 2.0: A glass-filled photopolymer for 3D printing injection molds

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