Automation Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Automation Made Easy with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

  • Sep 23,2021

•    Are your designs similar but different?
•    Are you tired of repeating the same mundane tasks when creating electrical schematics?
•    Are you currently limited with options for automation with your current design tool?
•    If you could drive your project and schematic design creation from a configured spreadsheet, would this be beneficial?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then be sure to watch an on-demand webinar where some of the advanced features found within SOLIDWORKS Electrical that allowing you to take your design to the next level.

During this webinar, a member of the SOLIDWORKS community presents topics around design automation and shows you how SOLIDWORKS Electrical can streamline your design process.

Also, see some of the out-of-the-box features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical that allow you to easily automate your workflow and processes.

Features you can expect to learn:

•    Project Templates
•    Macros
•    PLC Automation
•    Excel Automation
•    SOLIDWORKS Electrical API

SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions streamline electrical schematic design with specific tools for engineers and intuitive interfaces for quicker embedded electrical system design and control panels.

Engineering Technique is a SOLIDWORKS Authorized Reseller in Gujarat providing comprehensive solutions for SOLIDWORKS Software products including Electrical, 3D CAD, Product Data Management (PDM), Simulation, Visualize, eDrawings, and DraftSight to industrial verticals including Hi-Tech, Industrial Equipment, Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy, Process & Plant, etc. Their clientele spans 600+ customers in design and manufacturing domains with 1850+ licenses in the state of Gujarat itself.

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