SOLIDWORKS Composer – Add a New Dimension to your Documentation

SOLIDWORKS Composer – Add a New Dimension to your Documentation

  • Jan 11,2020

SOLIDWORKS Composer empowers the Engineers and non-CAD users to take 3D CAD information and create stunning printed, video and instinctive content for assembly, operations, and maintenance procedures.

Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Composer?

SOLIDWORKS Composer repurposes 3D model for multiple technical publication deliverables 80% faster than standard practices.

•    Assembly, Operation, and Maintenance Printed Manuals
•    Raster and Vector Technical Product Images
•    Interactive Part Catalogues with Bill of Materials
•    Animation Presentations for Fly-Through and Product Operation

Six Ways SOLIDWORKS Composer Streamlines Production Process

•    Reduce Manufacturing Risk by Powerful Visual Instructions
•    Allow Customers to Interact with and Understand Product Intent
•    Paralleling Marketing and Product Development Brings Products to Market Faster
•    Make Marketing Happen Without Engineering Dependency
•    Leverage and Enhance Web Presence
•    Give Autonomy to Technical Publications and Fulfill Customer Requirements More Efficiently

SOLIDWORKS Composer Features

SOLIDWORKS Composer utilizes nearly any 3D model eliminating the requirement of knowledge and proficiency of 3D CAD application.

•    Easy to use
•    Repurpose 3D
•    Sandbox
•    Imagery
•    Printable documentation
•    Video & interactive

Since SOLIDWORKS Composer is associative, it can automatically update any changes you make to the CAD models in your deliverables of technical communication. With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can get products to market quicker with the assurance that your documentation is both high-quality and accurate. SOLIDWORKS Composer pictures and animations are especially important in simplifying assembly instructions and work orders. Different advantages include:

•    3D views of how your product is assembled
•    Shop floor errors are reduced
•    Language barriers are eliminated
•    Minimize localization costs

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