Top 5 Electrical Design Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Top 5 Electrical Design Features in SOLIDWORKS 2020

  • Jan 16,2020

In this blog post, we have highlighted the top five features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020.

User Rights Customization

Ensure data security and output consistency with the ability to customize user access.

Customize user access to areas such as libraries, projects, project data, and drawing controls for members of your workgroup.

Expanded Documentation for Schematic and Control Panel Design

Speed up the completion of your design and documentation with improved documentation tools.

Create Leaders and Balloon callouts on drawings along with row numbers in Reports.

Electrical Splice Creation Without Components

Create splice connections with or without an actual splice component to meet your design intent.

Create welded or soldered connections in the 3D representation without a splice entry in the bill of materials.

Calculation of Mass Properties for Wires, Cables, and Electrical Harnesses.

Gain a more realistic understanding of your product by determining the mass properties of electrical equipment and wiring.

Determine the mass properties of your wire, cable, and electrical harness designs inside the 3D model of your overall machine, product, or vehicle.

Incremental Design Update

Improve the speed of downstream documentation updates by propagating only design changes.

Have only changes made in the schematic, not the entire design, propagate to the 3D model and flattened drawing representation.