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Xtreme 8K DLP

Xtreme 8K DLP

The largest size production grade DLP 3D printer in the world** for high-volume production of end-use parts.

The Xtreme 8K DLP makes volume production of 3D-printed parts a reality, with the ability to print thousands of parts per day. With wide material compatibility, including hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers and rubbers, the Xtreme 8K enables the production of the broadest possible range of parts.

  1. Largest DLP build volume on the market
  2. Fast print speeds
  3. Isotropic material properties
  4. Smooth surface finish

Build Envelope 450 x 371 x 399 mm (17.72 x 14.61 x 15.71 in.)
Native XY Resolution 150 µm
Enhanced XY Resolution 100 µm
Z Resolution 100 to 175 µm
Warranty 1 Year Included
Footprint 1420 x 1052 x 2083 mm (55.9 x 41.42 x 82 in)
Weight 907.18 kg (2000 lbs)
Electrical Requirements 220 VAC, Three Phase, 20A
  1. Produce everything from concept models to functional parts
  2. Connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network for pre-processing of job files and remote monitoring
  3. The stand-alone PC allows for working independently from pre-processing workstation
  4. Highest resolution DLP printer with industrial UV engine



ETR 70


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