3D Render

Perfect Digital Environment for Fast Rendering – Saving Time and Resources

Easily Create & Share Photorealistic Renderings of your Product

The 3D Render role allows anyone to create world class marketing assets, anytime and anywhere with endless scalability through a cloud-based architecture. Users can create assets at any time but pay only when they produce a rendering. By using a single-source-of-truth for data and cross-discipline content libraries, users are ensured of the product-correct output for any rendering.

Commercial Content Creation

Commercial Content Creation

From the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin to stunning marketing content.

  • Compress time-to-market – generate next-level 3D and 2D marketing content that is always up-to-date and correct
  • Scale your reach – hit every device with 3D, AR, VR and 2D content to meet consumers where they browse, shop and post
  • Marketing anytime, anywhere, on the cloud – CGI & CGE is made easy and available at the tip of your finger
  • Increase customer relevance – create personalized content that perfectly resonates with the given audience and its purpose
Commercial Experience Building

Commercial Experience Building

Deliver the perfect pitch or tell a winning story with your product as the hero.

  • Fast pace – next-level 3D customer engagement always up-to-date from the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin
  • Grow your impact – tell the story and authentically showcase products capabilities & behaviors in every engagement
  • Empower the ecosystem – reach all channels with 3D & AR ready content and ensure seamless interoperability
Commercial Experience Governance

Commercial Experience Governance

Make 3DEXPERIENCE the control room for all your marketing activities.

  • Become the innovation leader – empower the digital transformation of your customer experience
  • Compress time-to-market – gain the first mover advantage in the fast-paced media world by initiating content creation in parallel to the product design
  • Grow your experience ecosystem – access conveniently relevant 2D&3D product content
  • Compliance & control - govern your customer experience by providing up-to-date and reliable content in every communication channel
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