The biofabrication industry is growing fast and holds the promise of truly improving and saving human lives.

As such, EnvisionTEC is proud to offer its 3D-Bioplotter in three levels of accessibility — the Starter, Developer and Manufacturer — for the automated production of tissues and organs to address complex health challenges in medicine.

Bioprinting with the 3D-Bioplotter allows medical researchers to combine cells, gels, fibers, polymers, ceramics, metals and more into a single scaffolded object that can replace a diseased, injured or missing body part, from tissue and bone to organs.

In fact, biofabrication research is being done in a wide range of areas:

•    Skin
•    Cartilage
•    Bone
•    Blood vessels
•    Organs such as the heart, kidney, placenta and ovaries
•    Drug and nutrient delivery

With biofabrication, a platform must be trusted to accurately place cells and mix materials in a sterile, temperature-controlled environment, as the 3D-Bioplotter has been doing for more than a decade. It also should be easy for researchers to use and manipulate for their various research needs.

EnvisionTEC 3D Printers in Biofabrication Industry:

•    Bone Regeneration
•    Drug Release
•    Cell/Organ Printing
•    Soft Tissue Fabrication

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