envisiontec 3d printer distributor India
Applications White Paper


Whether you are looking for faster, more accurate prototypes for design verification and testing — to help the manufacturing process move faster — or for real mass production of custom products, EnvisionTEC can help.

EnvisionTEC 3D printers and materials are already being used by the world’s leading manufacturers, and some of the smallest ones, for a full range of production needs. The range of manufacturers using our technology is as broad as it gets. Our customers make toys, electronics, bottles, pumps, engines, brake pads, cars, airplanes and more.

Breakthrough Material Development

In 2017, EnvisionTEC is launching E-Model, a breakthrough material for the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing market. Its low viscosity means that the material is highly flexible and can handle thin-walled projects up the biggest, bulky parts. E-Model, which is available in five colors, is also so accurate — and stays so true through curing — that our dental customers use it for precision model work.

Engineering Technique is a proud PAN India Distributor of EnvisionTEC for their entire range of Manufacturing Application 3D Printers.

EnvisionTEC 3D Printers in Manufacturing Industry:

•    Prototypes
•    Production Parts
•    Tools and Jigs
•    Injection Molding
•    Design Iteration
•    Consumer Goods
•    Aftermarket and Replacement Parts

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