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Hearing Aids

The Top Choice for 3D Printed Hearing Aids, Inner-Ear Devices.

From the beginning, EnvisionTEC has been the 3D printer of choice for audiologists, hearing aid manufacturers, and pretty much anyone making inner-ear devices.

Engineering Technique is a proud PAN India Distributor of EnvisionTEC for their entire range of Hearing Aid 3D Printers.

Hearing Aid Industry:

•    Custom Listening Devices
•    Soft tips
•    Shells
•    Hearing Protection
•    Molds

3D Printing Materials for the Hearing Aid Industry

•    E-Shell® 200 Series
•    E-Shell® 300 Series
•    E-Clear Series
•    E-Shell® 3000 Series
•    E-Shell® 500 Series
•    E-TruSil
•    E-Silicone
•    E-Shell® 600

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