OurDesktop DLP 3d Printer

Our professional-grade desktop 3D printer family uses advanced DLP technology backed by more than a decade of development and exclusive patent-protected processes that make our printers truly superior.

The Desktop family of 3D printers offers build sizes up to 71.7 cubic inches, accuracy levels down to 30 microns and a truly impressive surface finish that means little to no post-processing.

EnvisionTEC’s exclusive technology is also why our desktop printers are used by thousands of professionals at big and small companies worldwide. That includes manufacturers of jewelry, hearing aids, dental models and appliances, medical devices, consumer goods, mechanical prototypes and more.


  1. Fast and accurate 3D builds with a smooth surface finish.
  2. Built-in Ethernet interface connects directly to a PC or can be integrated into a network.
  3. Easy to use, with few moving parts and minimal consumable components.
  4. Switching between materials is quick and easy, with little to no waste.
  5. A strong and reliable system backed by more than a decade of continuous improvement.

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