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SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Performs Real-time Environmental Assessments.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability performs real-time environmental assessments as part of your product design process. Fully integrated with your SOLIDWORKS design environment and using industry-standard lifecycle assessment criteria, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides instant feedback, so you can quickly make adjustments to your design, and turn your sustainability goals into results.


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SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
Sustainable Design
SOLIDWORKS® Sustainability provides actionable environmental results early in the design cycle by measuring the environmental impacts of individual designs across the product life cycle - including the effects of materials, manufacturing, assembly, transportation, use and disposal - as well as offering alternatives.
GaBi Environmental Database
The GaBi environmental LCA database is a set of environmental impacts obtained through a combination of scientific experimentation and empirical results obtained in the field. Nearly all SOLIDWORKS materials and typical manufacturing processes for each material are mapped to the equivalent GaBi material and process.
Screening-Level Life Cycle Assessment
Perform a cost-effective, screening-level LCA during design. LCA is a systematic method for measuring the environmental impacts of products and processes, and screening-level LCA provides important environmental impact information during product design. Environmental LCA is the most comprehensive and widely accepted method for measuring the environmental impacts of product designs.
Material Optimization
Optimize material usage to lessen environmental impacts by finding alternative materials that match your engineering requirements and parameters. Use the Find Similar Materials tool to specify the engineering parameters that are critical to your design and search the SOLIDWORKS material database for all materials that match those parameters. This enables you to satisfy your design requirements while choosing materials with the least environmental impact.
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Tightly Integrated With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software
Quickly validate the strength and performance of new material selections using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools included in SOLIDWORKS Simulation products (purchased separately). Ensure your material selection is appropriate for the needs of your design. If the design has an excessive Factor of Safety (FOS), then redesign using tightly integrated SOLIDWORKS CAD to remove material or change the design.
Sustainability Report Generation
Capture and communicate the results of your environmental impact assessments by automatically generating professional-quality sustainability reports that detail your product assumptions, the results of the Environmental Impact Dashboard, a hot-spot analysis of components in the assembly, and comparison to the baseline design. The report also includes a glossary of terms relevant to environmental LCA.
Environmental Impact Dashboard
With the built-in Environmental Impact Dashboard, you can view the environmental impacts of your design in real time. The Dashboard tracks four key environmental indicators (carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts to the air, and impacts to the water) to continually assess environmental impacts as you design, helping you make important design decisions that save time, reduce costs, and improve your products.
Assembly Visualization
Assigning colors to rank and sort components in assembly designs can help you pinpoint the parts that contribute the greatest environmental impacts. SOLIDWORKS Assembly Visualization provides full support for sustainability parameters, enabling you to rank, sort, and color your design on any of the environmental indicators ( carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts to the air, and impacts to the water) and related sustainability parameters.
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