Electrical Schematic Designer

Accelerate electrical design with a purpose-built electrical design and documentation solution.

Create Production-Ready Electrical System Designs Rapidly in the Cloud

Electrical Schematic Designer, a powerful, easy-to-use electrical CAD solution connected to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helps you design the electrical and mechanical aspects of your products concurrently, shrinking development cycles. Simplify the electrical design process with connected web-based libraries of symbols and manufacturer part information, streamlining tedious design tasks including terminal block to contact cross-reference assignments. Create, store, manage, and collaborate on your designs on the platform, taking advantage of its built-in data and product life-cycle management and collaboration tools.

Improve Product Development with Design Automation

Improve Product Development with Design Automation

• Automated tedious design tasks, including contact cross-referencing, wire number, custom reporting, control panel layout and terminal strip wiring.

• Maximize design reuse using Circuit Macros and Excel-driven automation.

• Programmable logic controller (PLC) tools: Automate PLC wiring tasks and import PLC data and labels with PLC management tools.

• Reduce errors: Leverage Design Rule Checks (DRCs) to identify design issues up front.
Synchronize Product Design with Collaboration

Synchronize Product Design with Collaboration

• Store project communications and history on Communities, Conversations and Dashboards in one location.

• View, share, annotate, discuss, visualize, and manage designs from any device with a web browser.

• Track progress by workflow steps along with product and component revision all through development.

• Store and manage your electrical content library on the secure platform so all electrical users can access and
Integration of Electrical and Mechanical

Integration of Electrical and Mechanical

• Single cloud-based product development environment insures data and application compatibility across your organization.

• Install, maintain, and launch your electrical and mechanical software from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

• Story your electrical schematic project together with parts, assemblies and libraries on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

• Unified BOM: generate a combined mechanical and electrical BOM from the platform.
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