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White Paper

In many ways, EnvisionTEC was born out of the U.S. automotive industry. Company founder and CEO, Al Siblani, an engineer, began his career in the 3D printing industry placing the first Helisys lamination machines at Ford, GM and Chrysler before coming up with an idea for a better 3D printer using DLP technology in the late 1990s.

Today, EnvisionTEC’s headquarters remains in Detroit — in a former Ford Motor Co. building based in Dearborn, actually — and the company continues to enjoy close ties with automotive OEM and suppliers worldwide.

Part of the reason that relationship continues is because EnvisionTEC has dedicated itself to developing new 3D printers and materials that are heat-resistant, impact-resistant, capable of being used in injection molding, flexible enough for snap-fit applications and just plain durable.

EnvisionTEC also employs many engineers who previously worked directly in the automotive industry, who are constantly advocating for the needs of the sector. In fact, our seasoned engineering team in Dearborn has more than 60 combined years of experience working directly for OEMs in Metro Detroit.
That’s why automotive companies continue to use our 3D printers and materials for prototypes, design verification, auto show parts, jigs, fixtures, fasteners, molds and more.

Why do automotive customers love our technology? EnvisionTEC’s smooth, accurate 3D builds mean little to no hand finishing. What’s more, our industrial machines are affordable to operate and maintain, incredibly reliable and backed by outstanding support