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SOLIDWORKS solutions cover all aspects of your product development process with integrated workflow—design, verification, communication and data management.

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Best Professional Products in One Bundle Exclusively for Students and Educators.


In today’s competitive job market, CAD professionals don’t just design - they simulate, innovate, visualize, and communicate - to advance new ideas and their careers. The SOLIDWORKS Education Program provides powerful, engaging, hands-on software to understand and develop designs for the real world. The integrated 3D software, curriculum, and lessons make design development easy to learn, easy to teach, and exciting to use.


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SOLIDWORKS 3D Design Standard
Get up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock the benefits of this powerful 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings. Application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, and mold tool and die make it easy to deliver best-in-class designs.
SOLIDWORKS 3D Design Premium
SOLIDWORKS Premium builds on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard with comprehensive 3D design solution that adds powerful simulation and design validation, collaboration capabilities, a sophisticated components library, photorealistic rendering, advanced surfacing flattening, reverse engineering, and electrical cable and pipe routing functionality.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
SOLIDWORKS Simulation is an easy-to-use portfolio of structural analysis tools that use the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method to predict a product’s real-world physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models. The portfolio provides linear, nonlinear static, and dynamic analysis capabilities.
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a general parametric flow simulation tool that uses the Finite Volume Method (FVM) to calculate product performance through “what if” studies that allow you to perform optimization using the results. HVAC Module and Electronics Cooling Module are included.
SOLIDWORKS Motion analysis uses the assembly mates along with part contacts and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical movements of an assembly under load. With the assembly motion and forces calculated, a structural analysis of the components can be performed to ensure product performance.
SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management
SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control and substantially improve the way you manage and collaborate on product development.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional
SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions simplify electrical product design with specific tools for engineers and intuitive interfaces for faster embedded electrical system design.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
SOLIDWORKS Visualize leverages your 3D CAD data for creating photo-quality content in the fastest and easiest way possible. From images to animations, interactive web content, and immersive virtual reality, SOLIDWORKS Visualize realistically presents your product designs in the real world. Bring your products to life with SOLIDWORKS Visualize as the “camera” for your CAD data.
SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) lets you define and organize 3D dimensions, tolerances, datums, notes, Bills of Materials (BOMs), and other annotations; customize publishing templates for manufacturing, such as part or assembly specifications, Request for Quote (RFQ), and Incoming inspection reports. You can also publish to widely accepted formats, such as eDrawings® for clear 3D communications.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium
SOLIDWORKS Plastics delivers easy-to-use injection molding simulation for analyzing plastic parts and injection molds. It simulates how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process to predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and molds so you can quickly evaluate manufacturability while you design, eliminating costly mold rework and improving part quality.
Easily repurpose existing 3D models to rapidly create and update high-quality graphical content that is fully associated with your 3D design. The repurposed content can be used to explain processes and procedures in technical communications, such as manufacturing assembly instructions or user guides.
SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional is a fully integrated, knowledge-based CAM system that streamlines design and machining processes within one simple interface, making it easy to fabricate parts quickly and teach your students the best practices of machining and design for manufacturing.
SOLIDWORKS PCB is a fully integrated, custom electronics design tool that works seamlessly within SOLIDWORKS to develop 2D schematics and 3D component layout. PCB designs come to life effortlessly with integrated design data, associative change processes, and robust analysis capabilities. SOLIDWORKS PCB merges electrical and mechanical design processes to help teach students the full scope of mechatronics and IoT.
3DEXPERIENCE Platform Roles & Apps
Work faster and smarter with a portfolio of tightly integrated solutions built on the cloud-based Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Easily and quickly create, review, and evaluate 3D conceptual models with 3D Creator (which includes the xDesign app) and organic shapes with 3D Sculptor (which includes the xShape app). Collaborate on the cloud and access the growing suite of tools on the platform to manage all facets of your projects.
EDrawings Professional
eDrawingsis the premier 2D and 3D design communication tool to share your CAD modelswithin a team to view, review, comment and more, using an easily shareable lightweightfile. See your designs in context of the real world with Augmented Reality and immersiveVirtual Reality (AR/VR).
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