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EnvisionTEC is the leading choice for orthodontic applications. Whether you are an orthodontist who is new to 3D printing or a lab who may have experience with the technology, our easy-to-use DLP technology delivers superior accuracy, surface finish and speed. We also have the industry-leading materials library for dental applications.

With solutions for both the individual clinic and laboratories serving multiple clinics, 3D printing from EnvisionTEC can help make practices far more efficient by dramatically shortening delivery times, improving service levels, while also potentially reducing costs and creating perfect fitting aligners in minutes!

Engineering Technique is a proud PAN India Distributor of EnvisionTEC for their entire range of Orthodontic 3D Printers.

Orthodontic Industry:

•    High Production of Orthodontic Models for Clear Thermoformed Aligners
•    Durable Orthodontic Models for Appliance Creation
•    Indirect Bonding Trays for Bracket Placement
•    Night Guards and Bite Splints

3D Printing Materials for the Orthodontic Industry:

•    E-SepFree
•    E-Tray
•    E-OrthoShape
•    E-Model
•    E-Denstone
•    E-IDB
•    E-Guard

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