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Accurately representing manufacturing features such as sheet metal and weldments, checking design for manufacturability early in the design process, collaborating effectively with customers and suppliers, cost-effective tools and resources to design and manufacture, Working with data from multiple sources in multiple formats, Creating a fully functional tools design efficiently, Generating tool paths directly from the solid model are the key roles and challenges in the manufacturing industry.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software solutions help your businesses meet these challenges. Improve and increase the efficiency of the product development process and allow your business to truly develop with SOLIDWORKS.

Why SOLIDWORKS in Manufacturing?

•    Easy to use, yet fully functional 3D CAD
•    Great tool for occasional and/or limited purpose users
•    CAD leader in sheet metal, machined parts, plastic part design, molds, and industrial equipment

SOLIDWORKS Products for Manufacturing Industry:

•    SOLIDWORKS Simulation
•    SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
•    SOLIDWORKS Inspection
•    SOLIDWORKS Composer
•    SOLIDWORKS Visualize

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