Envision One CDLM Mechanical

Envision One CDLM Mechanical

Created by one of the most experienced teams of engineers in 3D printing, the Envision One cDLM is the largest, most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. It is bigger, faster, easier to use and more innovative than all the other 3D printers on the market.

Designed to take you from beginner to expert in a single machine, the Envision One cDLM is the only professional 3D printer you’ll ever need. EnvisionTEC delivers an end to end solution including design software parameter optimization to deliver accurate parts every time with minimal supports.

Perfect for a wide variety of 3D printing applications, the Envision One cDLM is capable of printing up to 45 mm/hour, material dependant.

Build Envelope 180 x 101 x 175 mm (7.09 x 3.98 x 6.9 in.)
Build Speed Up to 45 mm/hour, material dependent
Native XY Resolution 93 µm
XY Resolution with Contour Gray Scaling 60 µm
Dynamic Resolution in Z (material dependent) 50 to 150 µm, material dependent
Data Handling STL
Warranty 1 Year back to factory included
  1. Layerless technology delivers super smooth models.
  2. 75% less supports compared to regular DLP printers.
  3. Domeless technology delivers the highest accuracy in Z.
  4. High-resolution industrial projector with UV glass.
  5. LED light source at 385nm wavelength for higher accuracy on clear parts and crisper details across all parts.
  6. Dual linear slides provide superior stability during build process, eliminating any shifting in parts.

E-RigidForm: A groundbreaking material that produces strong, hard and stiff parts for prototypes and end use.


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