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Viridis 3D

Sand Castings in Just a Few Hours

The Robotic Additive Manufacturing systems from EnvisionTEC and Viridis3D are the fastest, most flexible robotic 3D printing options in the foundry and 3D printing industries today.

Using a patent-pending technology, a proprietary print head attached to an ABB robot arm uses exclusive binder jetting technology to print sand molds, mold cores and investment casting patterns for foundry applications. The proprietary systems include easy-to-use Viriprint software that uses a CAD file to print a mold and core in just a few hours.


  1. Industrial robots scalable
  2. Modular design with robot & printhead
  3. Lower development cost
  4. Lower overall maintenance cost
  5. Rugged, robust design
  6. Open system architecture
  7. Designed to operate in a foundry environment
  8. Reusable unprinted sand
  1. 28” wide printhead for RAM 123 and 224 (featuring 12 print heads)
  2. 38” wide printhead for RAM 236 and 336 (featuring 16 print heads)
  3. Attached to robust ABB robotics and controls
  4. Cartesian movement
  5. Base sand: Silica sands, GFN Oklahoma and Wedron
  6. Sand GFN65, round or subangular
  7. Modified Furan binder
  8. Dry acid-based catalyst (premixed)
  9. Speed: 1 ½ – 2 ½ vertical inches per hour
  10. System repeatability: 0.030μ
  11. Layers: 200μ – 500μ
  12. Accuracy +/- 0.010”
  13. Compatability: ferrous and nonferrous sand casting
  14. Strength (ambient dry): 175 psi
  15. Strength (oven baked 350° F) > 370 psi

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