3D Printed Human Organs? Now it’s becoming reality in India with Project BioGEN Heart & EnvisionTEC

3D Printed Human Organs? Now it’s becoming reality in India with Project BioGEN Heart & EnvisionTEC
  • Jan 19,2021

The world is advancing very fast in the field of science & technology and so are the complexities in life. One side the life has become simple, easy, comfortable, and even luxurious and on the other side the very source of life, nature with all its resources is getting depleted. This has resulted in various adverse effects on the human body. Despite the technological advancements in the medical field, the quality of life is still questionable. Also, the medical treatments and procedures have become complex and costly.

The Human life is precious and has to be protected at all costs. With the increase in pollution levels, human life further deteriorated. The adverse effects of pollution resulted in increased medical expenses not just on the people but also on the Government exchequer. The free radicals which are an outcome of various types of pollutions have a huge negative impact on the human health. In most cases they aggravate the diseases and, in some cases, they become the causative factor. Though there are some natural remedies and measures to fight this, however there is no particular medicine, preventive or curative available in the market. The anti-oxidants in the form of natural food products, some measures have been popularized and is a billion-dollar market already.

About Project BioGEN Heart

Project BioGEN Heart involves developing a 3D Printed artificial miniature heart and lung system using stem cells and deploy in human body, which would reduce the free radicals and reduce the burden on the main heart & lung system. BioGEN heart will be made of autologous stem cells which will have no side effects on the human body with absolutely no rejection from it.

The BioGEN Heart will be a preventive cure and can be deployed in the humans from paediatric to geriatric age to reduce the effect of free radicals and also to provide life support in case of CVD patients. This will also work as a lifestyle product which will enhance the performance and improve health same time.

The Idea is expected to inspire a generation of researchers as the concept is genuine and path breaking / revolutionary in the field of medical science. It is also expected to achieve many laurels in the field of science & technology including Nobel Prize.

The man behind this idea, Dr. Vedala Ranga Chary is an experienced researcher who founded Vedala’s Medical Vision Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. (VMVHS). VMVHS provides services towards Medical Development, Medical Innovation and Innovation in advanced medical equipment, devices and services.

Engineering Technique is proud to be associated with VMVHS (Vedala’s Medical Vision Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd) and AMTZ (Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone) for the Project BioGEN Heart. BioGEN Heart research will be carried out using EnvisionTEC’s 3D-Bioplotter, a proven, extremely accurate and sophisticated 3D printing technology for Bioprinting applications.

Engineering Technique being a PAN India distributor of EnvisionTEC GmbH brings over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the field of 3D Printing. EnvisionTEC’s 4th Generation 3D-Bioplotter is the most advanced and most reliable technology today widely used by prestigious research institutes and medical professionals globally for biomedical researches related to organ printing, bone regeneration, cartilage regeneration, soft tissue biofabrication and drug release applications.

BioGEN Heart Project is one of its kind in entire world which is a preventive technique to live a healthy life by reducing free radicals from blood using secondary miniature 3D Printed Heart. We believe this project will be revolutionary in modern medical science. Engineering Technique and EnvisionTEC GmbH are committed to support Dr. Chary and his team towards making BioGEN Heart Project successful in coming years.

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