Managing File Integrity with 3DEXPERIENCE's Lock Feature

Managing File Integrity with 3DEXPERIENCE's Lock Feature
  • Jun 26,2024

In collaborative design environments, maintaining the integrity of files and preventing concurrent modifications is crucial. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers a robust lock feature that ensures designs are protected from unauthorized changes. This blog will guide you through the process of locking and unlocking files, ensuring that your collaborative efforts remain seamless and organized.

The Importance of Locking Files

The lock feature on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform guarantees that a locked design cannot be overwritten by another user's modifications. For instance, if User 1 locks Part A, User 2 is unable to make any changes to Part A. This system ensures that:

•    File Integrity is Maintained: Only the user who locked the file can update it, preventing accidental overwrites.
•    Efficient Collaboration: Team members are aware of which files are in use and which are available for editing.

Locking & Unlocking Files with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

In a collaborative environment, locking and unlocking files on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is essential to manage file updates and ensure smooth teamwork. Here's how it works:

•    Locked File: Can only be updated by the user who locked it.
•    Unlocked File: Cannot be updated without first being locked.

This system is particularly useful when working on assemblies, as an unlocked file signals that a colleague has finished their changes.

How to Lock Files from SOLIDWORKS

You can access the locking and unlocking commands in SOLIDWORKS from:

•    The bottom of the 3DEXPERIENCE task pane
•    The right-click menu on the model itself

Steps to Lock Files:

1.    Navigate to the 3DEXPERIENCE task pane or right-click on the model.
2.    Select the lock option.

Upon locking, the file icon updates to a green key:

3dexperience works
The locked status is also visible at the top of the SOLIDWORKS window. If a colleague locks a file you’re referencing, a red padlock icon will appear, indicating that you cannot edit that file until it is unlocked.


You can still work on the top-level assembly even if some components are locked by others.

Unlocking Files After Saving

After making changes and saving, you have the option to unlock the file:

unloking files in 3dexperience works

Using the Bookmark Editor App

Files can also be locked and unlocked without opening them by using the Bookmark Editor app. Access it through the task pane in SOLIDWORKS or via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in your browser:

1.    Click the compass icon.
2.    Select the ‘Collaborative Industry Innovator’ role.
3.    Open the ‘Bookmark Editor’ app.

For convenience, add the Bookmark Editor to ‘My Favorite Apps’.

bookmark editor app in 3dexperience works
Lock Files in Bookmark Editor App:

By effectively managing file locks, collaboration on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform becomes more efficient and organized.


The lock feature on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is an essential tool for managing collaborative design projects. By understanding how to effectively lock and unlock files, you can ensure the integrity of your designs and improve the efficiency of your team's workflow. Whether you're working within SOLIDWORKS or using the Bookmark Editor app, the ability to control file access is at your fingertips, enabling a seamless and organized collaborative environment.


Ashutoshsingh Rajput, Design Expert – 3DEXPERIENCE