6 3D printing pro tips from a SOLIDWORKS Champion

6 3D printing pro tips from a SOLIDWORKS Champion
  • Aug 03,2022

3D printing is anywhere. It’s used by designers, hobbyists, engineers, makers, and more – for the expansion of various purposes.

This blog explores just 6 of the super tips SOLIDWORKS Champion shared but be sure to look at the full appearance below for lots greater!

SOLIDWORKS has covered an implication of 3D printing capabilities for decades, but, as there's so much capability packed into the software, it could, at instances, appear clean to miss! 3D printing’s recognition and use instances are most effective in increasing year-over-year.

Pro Tip #1: Printing a Leveler for Your 3D Printer

There is a massive type of 3D printing options for these days. SOLIDWORKS champion “Danute Petrova-Nikolova” experienced her 3D printer no longer perfectly sitting on stage; to treat this, Danute Petrova-Nikolova printed a leveler print to correct this.

Pro Tip #2: You Can Print Threads!

More than 1mm pitch is vital. And while you are 3D printing threads, it is crucial to remember how your part may be oriented because it prints, which is something explained right here.

Pro Tip #3: Use Print3D inside SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS champion “Danute Petrova-Nikolova” explores the Print3D function in depth during the episode. In this precise instance, Danute shows how you can set a bottom plane for your 3D model. With the hollow orientated the way that it's miles approximately this specific part, it's miles crucial to have it set on the bottom – rather than getting the component print in its natural 3D model orientation.

Pro Tip #4: Use Chamfers to Support Thin Walls

As SOLIDWORKS champion “Danute Petrova-Nikolova” discusses, if partitions are too thin, they can prove to brittle inside the physical world and break. Danute advises the use of chamfers to firm these walls with more assist – a tip that got lots of ‘ahas!’ inside the YouTube live chat!

Pro-Tip #5: How to Tell if Faces Require Support

All 3D printers have specific properties. inside the Print3D tool in SOLIDWORKS, you can enter your printer’s degree of applicable overhang to assess which faces of your 3D design will require support while printed.

Pro-Tip #6: Use Delete Body Features to Manage Quick Multi-Body Prints

In this example, SOLIDWORKS champion “Danute Petrova-Nikolova” suggests some brief approaches to separate bodies for multi-body 3D prints. Depending on your 3D printer and its skills, this will be an amazing method. Danute additionally suggests, in a while, how to take benefit of configurations in a part or assembly file for the same reason.

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