An Insight into the New Features and Advantages of SOLIDWORKS 2022

An Insight into the New Features and Advantages of SOLIDWORKS 2022
  • Dec 11,2021

One can expect new capabilities to SOLIDWORKS 2022 like clockwork before the start of every year! The solution will help designers and manufacturers maximize productivity while ensuring rapid innovation in every phase of product development.

This suite of integrated products is robust and connected to the cloud making it accessible to authorized stakeholders within the design-to-manufacturing framework. The new release ensures that enterprises can have better and more efficient operations with a flexible product development approach and more!

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2022?

1. Work Smarter with Improved Workflows and some New Features

SOLIDWORKS 2022 allows its users to create outstanding products aided by streamlined workflows and new features loaded right assembly design to simulation. These enhancements reduce the time spent on routine; operational tasks that need to be repeated more than once.

  • Better integration of Shortcut keys and hover-over actions for choosing reference geometry.
  • Implementation of the Stud Wizard for designing threaded rod features.
  • Faster Hybrid mesh modeling blending mesh geometry and parametric geometry.
  • Incorporation of new configuration tables to manage improved workflows for developing geometric dimensions, along with several tweaks in UI enhancements for efficient working.

2. Improved Performance in Less Time

Significant improvements in the latest iteration of SOLIDWORKS is focused in terms of elevating performance for getting work done in fewer steps.

The enhancements encapsulate assemblies and drawings, including new capabilities:

  • Enhanced detailing mode for pre-saving standard views without loading model and tables.
  • Open Subassemblies in Large Design Review for quick view, assessment, mate creation, etc.
  • Enhanced graphics pipeline technology for smoother rotation and magnification.
  • Structure systems for notifying and incorporating weldments that facilitate connections derived from a library, with minor enhancements to secondary member creation too.

3. Effective Collaboration in Multiple Project Phases

SOLIDWORKS has upped its game in getting the product development industry to the next level, ensuring effective collaboration between all parties for better harmony. The tool helps teams to collaborate across the organization and even third-party agencies and individuals situated in remote locations better than ever. Manage the teamwork and gain sizable competitive advantage by optimally utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE Works. Eliminate restrictive silos and combine teams for collaboration in a seamless cloud-based product development environment. The new version of the tool facilitates connection and leverages its collaboration capabilities along with enhanced workflows through the platform.

Get your 3D Designs sorted and finished perfectly!

Do not lose time anymore on developing some cumbersome workflows, that ultimately slow performance. With SOLIDWORKS product development, designers can meet their aggressive deadlines in a better manner than before while the automated workflows could streamline operations and enhancements on a periodic basis. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is expected to provide the much-required fillip to product development process than ever before, leading to exception high-performance designs that are churned out quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of using an integrated design-to-manufacturing system will ultimately have a cumulative effect on ensuring product development sustainable over a long period. Organizations can thrive on being agile, flexible, scalable, and competitive. Different solutions would operate centralized CAD model, unifying enterprises and resolving challenges smartly.

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What's New in SolidWorks 2022