DAMBOY – A 3D Printer which is Made in India

DAMBOY – A 3D Printer which is Made in India
  • Oct 09,2020

We have been talking for years about how India can become the Global Manufacturing Hub, but never worked so hard to achieve that goal. After COVID-19 we have realized that the Global Supply chain can derail anytime if such conditions happen again in future.
The Scenario which motivated Indians to be Independent

India was nowhere in PPE Kit manufacturing before Lockdown, but now We can proudly say that India becomes the world’s second-largest manufacturer of PPE Kit after China (Source) Why did this happen? Out of a few reasons the main reason is the “Need”. We needed the PPE kits but found that the Global Supply chain has collapsed due to COVID-19. Indian started researching on it and manufactured the PPE Kits within India.
3D Printing – Story Repeats

We used to Import many 3D Printers but suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the sea. We wanted to add more capacity to manufacture the Face Shields, but we could not import parts, machines from other parts of the world. This led us to think in the direction of manufacturing FDM 3D Printers within our Premises where raw materials can be procured and we found that we can develop the local supply chain of raw materials and parts from Indian manufacturers and suppliers for our own need and this idea leads us to make 3D Printer on our own rather than importing an assembled one or importing a DIY kit 3D Printer.
Our Team – Dedicated and Result Oriented

Our Engineering and Design team started working on the various parts and manufacturing process. They took this as a challenge and manufactured the first order of 50 FDM 3D Printers called “DAMBoy”. Our Strength is our Team who followed the lines given by our Honourable PM “Vocal for Local”, our vendors are from India and at the same time customers also preferred the Indian made 3D Printers which were giving them the Same Costing and Quality and they also avoided the Process and risk which are involved in Importing from foreign companies.

Five Reasons to buy Indian Made 3D Printers:

1.    You get the Same Costing for the Industrial FDM 3D Printer which is at Par with Foreign company.
2.    Quality at Par like other foreign 3D Printers who are into FDM Manufacturing.
3.    Avoid the Risks factors which are involved in Importing from foreign Companies.
4.    Trained Technical Team who would give you the world-class local support.
5.    DAMBoy FDM has already been sold to more than 50 customers who are using them.

For any Commercial Inquiries please call on 09427611239 or mail to marketing@enggtechnique.com

Engineering Technique delivers DAMboy, the most affordable FDM technology-based 3D Printer that is known for its accuracy and precision in 3D parts in its segment. We deliver DAMboy FDM 3D Printers to High schools and engineering students so that they leverage 3D Printed models for their education. The 3D printer is also used for meeting prototyping needs of various industries, i.e., Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Product Design, Toys & Miniature, Architecture, and others.