Easily Create 3D Designs with SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor

Easily Create 3D Designs with SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor
  • Mar 22,2023

Products nowadays have more style and complexity than ever, however turning design thoughts and concepts into useful CAD models can be difficult with conventional modeling tools.

SOLIDWORKS Cloud 3D Sculptor’s freeform environment lets in you to create complicated shapes and surfaces more without problems than ever. Collaborate with teammates to take your designs from idea to manufacturing—all from a browser on any connected device.

3D Sculptor is a browser-based 3D subdivision modeling solution that allows designers, and engineers to create stylized ergonomically or organically shaped 3D models quicker and extra without problems than conventional parametric tools. Constructed on the cloud- based Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, 3D Sculptor enhances the parametric workflows of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with intuitive subdivision modeling and a seamless interchange of design data.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor capabilities:

•    Push-pull interaction: Create complex surfaces quick using of intuitive push-pull interaction.
•    Surfaces to NURBS Conversion: Robotically convert subdivision surfaces to NURBS geometry whilst completed.
•    Flexible development cycle: Make changes to the product shape at any point in the product development cycle without the want to re-model. Adjustments propagate to assemblies, parts, drawings, CAM data, and mold tooling.
•    Modeling Environments: Seamlessly switch between conceptual and detailed modeling environments and eliminate the need for rework.
•    Parts and assemblies: Eliminate the need to plan your assembly structure up front. Make model changes at any time in a single modeling environment for parts and assemblies.

Contact Engineering Technique to learn more about 3D Sculptor, SOLIDWORKS Cloud, and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. We would love to hear from you.