How to Create Collaborative Space on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

How to Create Collaborative Space on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Nov 22,2023

Read this blog to know how to create collaborative space on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Benefit: Collaborative space for sharing content and easing collaboration among team members.

You can create new collaborative space to share content with other team members. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform administrator chooses who can create collaborative spaces. When creating a new collaborative space, you become the owner of the space.

How to create a 3DEXPERIENCE collaborative space?

1. Open the 3DSpace App: Access the 3DSpace application within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

2. Click "New Collaborative Space": Look for the option to create a new collaborative space and click on it.

3. Enter Details:

Title: Provide a title for the collaborative space. You can use alphanumeric characters, spaces, and certain special characters such as! & ( ) + - = ^ _ ` { } ~. Note that the title does not need to be unique across the entire 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and it cannot use double-byte characters. Some titles like "Document Control" are reserved for internal use.

Description: Add a descriptive explanation that outlines the purpose and goals of the collaborative space.

Family: Select the category for the collaborative space:

  • Standard content is content that can be reused and is always public. Standard structures are meant to be reused in more complex items. Examples of standard content are templates and very basic parts, such as bolts or hinges, that are typically included in a part catalogue. A standard collaborative space can contain standard items as well as structures that are made up of only standard content.
  • Design content is more specialized than standard content and can be considered the intellectual property (IP) of an organization.


Recommendation: Always store standard content in a public collaborative space so that members in any design collaborative space can access it.

Visibility: Choose one of the following visibility options:

  • Private: Only specified members can access and view the content.
  • Protected: Access is limited to specified members, and additional members require approval.
  • Public: The content is accessible to all members.



Content visibility varies based on the maturity state and the collaborative space's visibility.

The following table defines whether content is public or private based on the type of collaborative space and the maturity state of the content.

Collaborative Space Visibility Maturity State
Private In Work Frozen Released Obsolete
Public Private Public Public Public Public
Protected Private Private Private Public Public
Private Private Private Private Private Private


Click "Create": Once you've entered the necessary details and chosen the visibility and family options, click the "Create" button to create the collaborative space.

After following these steps, you'll have successfully created a new collaborative space within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This space can be used to facilitate content sharing, collaboration, and communication among team members based on the specified visibility and family settings.

Collaborative spaces on 3DEXPERIENCE platform provide a comprehensive solution for managing projects and data in a collaborative, cloud-based environment. They enhance productivity, streamline communication, and contribute to a more efficient and organized workflow.

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Author: Ashutoshsingh Rajput, Design Expert – 3DEXPERIENCE