SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2024 Top 10 Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2024 Top 10 Enhancements
  • Dec 26,2023

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2024 brings a new features and improvements, empowering engineers and designers with enhanced capabilities and a more efficient design experience.

Check out the top 10 new capabilities in SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD 2024

1.    Previous Release Compatibility

  • Leverage your SOLIDWORKS subscription to collaborate with suppliers who use older versions of SOLIDWORKS by saving your SOLIDWORKS designs as older versions.
  • Save parts, assemblies, and drawings as SOLIDWORKS versions that are up to two years prior to the latest release.

Benefits: Collaborate with other users, even if they are using an older version of SOLIDWORKS.

2.    Assemblies

  • Simplify your large assemblies faster by applying rules when you defeature your model using the Silhouette option.
  • Represent post-assembly machining operations in SOLIDWORKS with Insert Assembly into Part.
  • Simplify assembly STEP file import with the ability to filter out unwanted components on the fly.

Benefits: Employ new assembly modeling workflows to speed up large assembly design, documentation, and collaboration.

3.    Parts and Features

  • Speed up sketching with a new option to preview and edit a dimension as soon as you select one or more entities.
  • Create bidirectional, symmetric patterns with the Symmetric option for Linear Pattern.
  • Display the unit of measurement as a custom property in notes and tables.

Benefits: Speed up sketching, and more easily capture and communicate design intent while reducing design effort.

4.    Drawings and Detailing

  • Clean up dangling dimensions more efficiently by reattaching them to the proper reference points.
  • Detail drawings faster with improved chain dimensioning alignment and adherence to drawing standards.
  • Exclude hidden sketches from DXF™ Flat-Pattern with a new option.

Benefits: Create drawings that communicate designs more clearly with standardized chain dimensions layout, efficient dimension reattachment, and reduced DXF export post-processing.

5.    Sheet Metal

  • Adhere to manufacturing practices by providing a Normal Cut option for slots when tabs are created at an angle.
  • Automatically propagate slots to all instances of a tab that intersects a specific part.
  • Eliminate the need for form tool creation with the option to create a stamp/form feature on the fly using just Sketch.

Benefits: Reduce sheet metal manufacturing bottlenecks by adhering to sheet metal manufacturing standards.

6.    Structure System

  • Speed up the editing and management of corner treatments with the ability to group similar corners and apply treatments automatically or manually.
  • Automatically create an open corner for the addition of a connection block with a new Corner Treatment option.

Benefits: Build and modify complex structures more easily.

7.    Routing

  • Improve performance using a new option to update only the current 3D electrical route.
  • Improve 3D performance with the ability to exclude selected parts from 3D, while including all parts in the BOM and Reports.
  • Add electrical routes as either single segments or as groups of discrete wires in electrical bundles.

Benefits: Handle more complex electrical routing scenarios with new options for flattening, reorienting, and displaying wires and connectors.

8.    Electrical Design

  • Autoballoon components in 2D control panel (cabinet) drawings like SOLIDWORKS drawings.
  • Show consecutive component marks as a range in reports (e.g., X1-X7 instead of listing all 7).
  • Configure wire properties using Excel automation with the new Autoconnection feature.

Benefits: Create more informative electrical documentation faster while reducing errors.

9.    MBD

  • Export Hole Tables to 3D PDF.
  • Edit the dangling dimensions to reattach them to a feature in the model.
  • Display dual dimensions while creating geometric tolerance symbols.

Benefits: Communicate your design more clearly in 3D with the ability to display dual dimensions, and export Hole Tables and custom properties.

10.    SOLIDWORKS Visualize

  • Select appearance types and optimize their parameters more easily with a simplified interface.
  • Adjust textures and texture maps for parameters, with greater control and fidelity.
  • Combine normal and displacement maps and apply vector displacement.

Benefits: Experience easier optimization and more advanced real-life rendering capabilities.

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