How SOLIDWORKS Plastics Enhances Manufacturing Design and its Quality

How SOLIDWORKS Plastics Enhances Manufacturing Design and its Quality
  • Nov 10,2020

SOLIDWORKS Plastics ensures the efficient simulation of easy-to-use injection molding to design engineers, thus helping them predict any defects in the manufacturing framework of intended molds and parts. One can leverage SOLIDWORKS Plastics for design, enhance part quality, and boost the required time to market, thus reducing chances of mold rework that would mean loss of time, effort, and money. The simulation tool can be used to provide technical insights to design engineers for further innovation to the parts, making them more efficient and flawless.

Designers can enjoy accurate designs and develop optimal injection molds that could include runners, gates, and spruces. The structure can help designers gauge cycle time and balance runner systems and set tonnage efficiently.

Here are some of the salient features of SOLIDWORKS Plastics that matter:

  • Works on 3D Model to Check Impact on Design Changes: The software works on 3D models directly, without the hassle of realizing the vision. One can ascertain the impact of design changes with outstanding meshing capabilities ensuring a wide number of geometries and densities of the solid parts.
  • Presents Intuitive Interface for Automated Processes: The simulation tool presents an intuitive interface that offers guided analysis, defaults, and automated processes, utilizing thousands of commercial plastics in a customizable manner.
  • Get quick feedback on modifications and impact: Part designers benefit from swift feedback about the modifications on simulated parts based on thickness, gates, materials, and geometry. Designers can optimize layouts without delay.

Benefits of utilizing SOLIDWORKS Plastics

  • Optimized Production of Plastic Parts

SOLIDWORKS Plastics can easily optimize thickness, gate locations, and runner size along with the layout of the plastic products based on the efficient performance of the molds, made right the first time around.

  • Reduction of scraps and wastes

SOLIDWORKS Plastics ensures proper analysis of design iterations based on product development efficiency, impacting manufacturability with high part quality and minimal scrap production rates.

  • Reduced time to market

The simulation tool predicts manufacturing defects based on mold performance before leading to wide-scale manufacturing, eliminating the need for costly mold rework and thus ensuring that deliverables are met within deadlines and budget.

  • Prompt Collaboration and Reporting Options

SOLIDWORKS Plastics helps in preparing automated reports for sharing and analysis of simulation results, facilitating prompt collaboration among stakeholders and other teams.

Popular SOLIDWORKS Plastics Packages

This package presents plastics part designers with injection molding simulation related to the flow of melted plastic during the molding process. This process helps designers to predict the faults and defects related to the manufacturing of parts and molds, before the actual process. A swift evaluation of the part’s manufacturability helps designers avoid costly mold rework, and thus enhance the efficiency of the parts as well as its quality.

Plastics part designers can use the professional version of the simulation tool to optimize parts for wide-scale manufacturing right in the early design stages. This version is embedded within the CAD environment for prompt analysis of parts for design modifications, helping them to be optimized based on structure, size, fit, and function.

The Premium version provides designers who build injection molds, a perfect tool to optimize their utility. They can swiftly develop and analyze mold layouts, including runners and gates. The tool helps the users to estimate cycle time along with the shot size and clamp tonnage, for an efficient end design for the wide-scale manufacturing of parts.

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