SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer – Experience Immense Power & Flexibility for Design Engineers

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer – Experience Immense Power & Flexibility for Design Engineers
  • Feb 11,2022

The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer is a comprehensive Cloud CAD solution for mechanical and industrial designers to work efficiently with high-tech, industrial equipment, life sciences, and home & lifestyle industries. The Offer includes roles without software for 3D design, automatic updates, and license management. This next generation of design and collaboration tool allows you and your stakeholders to work remotely, using a web browser.

The Offer spans SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD functionality in design for various applications including freeform, structure, detailing for manufacturing, and more. The 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform that is part of the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer enables robust collaboration attributes for the project team including a revision management feature that facilitates synchronization of their tasks. You can access your 3D design from any kind of device including a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Here are some SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions:

1.    3D Creator for Ideal Parametric Design

The 3D Creator spans parts and assemblies with a renewed focus on design and file organization. No more hassles in upfront design planning or optimal structuring of assemblies. The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Solution facilitates a single modeling environment for CAD on the cloud that helps designers to start their planning right away by making minimal tweaks in its settings. Every element is regarded as a “physical product” that could be a part of an integral element of the assembly. Create sketches and transform them into 3D CAD with Parametric Primitives. Introduce other physical products into the environment and blend them in the assembly environment, in a jiffy!

2.    3D Sculptor – Hassle-free Freeform Design

3D Sculptor, an integral component of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform presents subdivision modelling capabilities that aids professionals in developing radical models quickly and easily with minor pushes, pulls, extrusions, and creases in geometry. The surfaces enable a natural curvature in continuous form organically except in scenarios that demand flat and creasing surfaces.

Trace around an assembly of diverse Cloud CAD elements in 3D parts or use a reference image in the background for the same to align the tweaks in geometry. You can also create hard edges and augment the initial shape of geometry for controlled dimensional scalability in a box as part of the SOLIDWORKS cloud solution.

3.    Collaboration in the Cloud

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform enables easy communication and issue resolution with CAD on the cloud solutions. Presenting product ideas is simpler than ever as the platform allows team members to participate in reviews including stakeholders like managers and executives. Designers can access updates from other contributors, to promote concurrent design along, while also facilitating the early discovery of potential issues, making the process cost-effective too.

The SOLIDWORKS cloud platform presents CAD on the cloud with the tech infrastructure for data management, people management, and document management, allowing collaboration among suppliers, manufacturers, stakeholders, and even customers. Sharing tasks with the team is a breeze. The shared data updates bring everyone on the same page and in sync with the latest process. One can access Cloud CAD data from anywhere in the world through the cloud with just an internet connection!

4.    Revision Control in the SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud

Eliminate the constant issues posed by duplicate files with an efficient data management system in place. The platform enables the pooling of all important files for single location storage. Every change made to any file in the system reflects the same change in all locations. One can enable file accessibility, permission grants, and role-based privileges without issues.

Capture data in real-time and enable automatic updates for your team aided by version-management capabilities to detect out-of-date assembly components automatically!

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