SOLIDWORKS PCB: Powerful PCB Design Technology

SOLIDWORKS PCB: Powerful PCB Design Technology

  • Aug 26,2020

In the past few years, the demand for PCBs in India has been on a steady growth path because of increasing investment in digitization and favorable government initiatives like Digital India, Education System has adopted a New avenue of “Online Education” and many more government initiatives to connect India digitally.

What drives the PCB Market in India?

India is of the largest and fastest-growing consumer electronics market in the Asia Pacific region. Mobile Phones, Computers, laptops, etc. often use rigid PCBs in areas to the functionality of these devices, such as the motherboard, thereby creating a positive impact on the growth of the PCB industry.


SOLIDWORKS PCB design with an easy-to-use interface to give you the productivity you need to get your PCBs designed more efficiently. With SOLIDWORKS PCB you can design Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) quickly and can collaborate between different teams involved in the design and development process like electrical and 3D mechanical design teams. For the success of electronic product design, ECAD-MCAD collaboration is critical. SOLIDWORKS PCB gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to collaboration between teams which results in faster delivery of your end product.

Few of the features of SOLIDWORKS PCB as mentioned below

•    Rigid-Flex Design
•    Design and Data Management
•    ECAD-MCAD Design Collaboration
•    PCB Design Engine
•    Modern Schematic Entry
•    Streamlined Interface
•    Managed ECAD-MCAD ECO Process
•    Real-time 3D Clearance Checking
•    Mixed-Mode SPICE 3f5 Simulator
•    Supplier Links/Search
•    Version Control
•    Component Parametric Database Support
•    SOLIDWORKS File Support
•    Design Commenting and Revision Management

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