DraftSight 2024 Top 10 Enhancements

DraftSight 2024 Top 10 Enhancements
  • Dec 27,2023

The latest iteration of DraftSight, the industry-leading 2D and 3D CAD software, has just hit the market with a slew of groundbreaking enhancements. In our blog, we delve into the top features that make DraftSight 2024 a powerhouse for design professionals.

Check out the top 10 new capabilities in DraftSight 2024

1.    Support for CATIA Drawings

  • Enable all users to import CATIA model space drawings from a local disk or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Import a CATIA drawing, and it behaves as any other DWG file, so you can edit the drawing.

Benefits: Collaborate with your supply chain with clarity and precision.

2.    Tool Palettes

  • Find all your frequently used commands and features in one place.
  • Ensure all newly created entities conform to the pre-defined standards across drawings.

Benefits: Accelerate drawing creation and ensure consistency.

3.    Layer Palette

  • Exercise greater layer control with the Layer Palette for all your layer commands in one place.
  • Merge layers for easier control and management.
  • Specify how objects in inactive layer groups appear in the drawing areas using the Visibility Enhancement command.

Benefits: Enhance the legibility of your drawings by easily controlling the display of inactive layer groups.

4.    Export Sheet

  • Export all the visible entities of the active sheet viewports in model space to a new drawing.
  • Enhance the readability of the specific section, area, or view of the drawing with exported entities that are scaled views of model space, title block, and other annotative entities, such as dimensions and notes.

Benefits: Rapidly create new drawings from existing files without loss of detail.

5.    Enhanced User Interface

  • Quickly and easily move through standard views with the new View navigator.
  • Use the default user Dark mode interface to help reduce eyestrain and enhance feature function visibility.

Benefits: Easily navigate 3D models and reduce eyestrain.

6.    DraftSight Mechanical

  • Update DWG files created with legacy 2D mechanical CAD tools with a new 2D drafting product.
  • Get accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs), parts lists, and balloons using part references created with legacy 2D mechanical CAD tools, or with DraftSight Mechanical.
  • Edit part references (such as number, quantity, description, vendors) created with legacy 2D mechanical CAD tools.
  • Rely on full support of drafting standards, such as ANSI, ISO, Din, JIS, and BSI.

Benefits: Increase productivity and save time with the ability to create, edit, and manage legacy and newly created mechanical DWG files.

7.    Customizable BOM

  • Customize your BOM to list and display any custom property.
  • Create custom component properties for part references, BOMs, parts lists, and balloons.
  • Choose a component property among any company-specific property (e.g., unit, standard, NC number, order number, part number, revision number for PDM, ERP).

Benefits: Meet your company’s standards or specific requirements to save time, be productive, and streamline your workflows.

8.    Reshaping Hatches

  • Eliminate confusion in sectional view cross-hatching where multiple components or materials come together.
  • Easily customize component cross-hatching by manipulating grip points.

Benefits: Add clarity to your drawings’ section views with custom cross-hatching.

9.    Measure Tool

  • Use the new Measure command that combines three separate commands into one easy command with options.

Benefits: Increase productivity by easily switching between measuring area, distance, and angle when investigating DWG files.

10.    Ribbon Menus for MacOS

  • Utilize the ribbon menu in macOS.
  • Design faster without hunting for commands with the enhanced user interface.

Benefits: Quickly and easily find your drawing commands.

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