Understand the Phases of Outsourcing 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing Services

Understand the Phases of Outsourcing 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing Services
  • Mar 23,2022

3D CAD modeling services are used to develop Product design and Machine design using various CAD modeling SOFTWARES such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Creo, On-shape, etc. Companies providing 3D CAD drawing services create 2D to 3D engineering drawings for clients for delivery. 3D modeling and drawing services are needed for Industrial Equipment, Product Design, Structural Fabricators and Sheetmetal Component manufacturers. A reputable firm ensures transparency and timeliness regarding the information and progress of the project.

Working Process of a 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing Services

The working Process of a 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing Services comprises 4 important processes:

•    Definition
•    Design
•    Test
•    Delivery

1.    Definition Phase

The definition phase includes four sub-phases: Define Scope, Define Plan, Define Time Frames, and Define All Deliverables.

•    Define Scope- This sub-phase consists of working with the client, the service provider to laying out the project's plan, budget, and final delivery date.
•    Define Plan- In this sub-phase, the whole plan is presented using formal documents.
•    Define Time Frames- A proper work schedule plan is laid out.
•    Define all Deliverables- The plan is presented to the client, and you wait for their approval.

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2.    Design Phase

Once the client approves the project, then comes the design phase. It further includes four sub-phases: Concept Preparation, Create Digital Mock-Up, Feedback Fix List, and Refined Draft Deliverable.

•    Concept Preparation- Brainstorm and develop creative ideas and sketch values relating to the idea.
•    Create Digital Mock-Up- A virtual mock-up model is presented to the client.
•    Feedback Fix List- Make a note of the input and produce a punch list to modify (edit, change, and delete) items.
•    Refined Draft Deliverable- Final changes are made to the model as per the client's needs and feedback and modified to present to the client for their approval.

3.    Test Phase

The test phase consists of two sub-phases: Review Models and Validated Quality Checks.

•    Review Models- The designers and project developers review their models and test for errors. They correct bugs and any issues during motion services.
•    Validated Quality Checks- Validation and proper testing of the models ensure that the project has met the client requirements, design, and development.

4.    Delivery Phase

The delivery phase has three sub-phases: Clashing Fix, Finalisation, and Conversion to convenient formats.

•    Clashing Fix- Components of a 3D model usually conflict in Design and interfere at a junction. It is important to resolve these clashes of clients' dissatisfaction.
•    Finalisation- Upon Detection of issues and bugs in the program prototype of 3D scans, it is necessary to fix them as soon as possible. It helps to improve the model quality before releasing it.
•    Conversion of convenient formats- A 3D program or file stores 3D models. The popular formats in which 3D models are saved on the computer are Parasolid, IGES, Step or Software specific i.e SOLIDWORKS. Companies prefer specific file formats of 3D models for practical and theoretical reasons.

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Benefits of outsourcing 3D CAD Modeling and Drawing Services

Outsourcing 3D CAD design and drawing services provide flexibility as companies receive a high level of service from 3D modelers who work full-time. It can provide companies with a cost-benefit that is 60% lesser than recruiting an in-house team. Apart from this, the other benefits of outsourcing 3D CAD modeling services are:

•    Proper utilization of resources
Using external resources allows optimum use of internal resources. While quality control is important, resource management is also important.

•    Control of services
The team and team leaders need to adhere to the guidelines and standards of the engagement. Many professional firms provide 24/7 customer service.

•    Reduction of Costs
Time and cost are reduced or managed efficiently on high volume and low volume projects. Therefore, it is necessary to ask your service provider regarding pricing and bidding.

•    Quality Work Maintaining Design Standards
Qualified vendors provide skilled Design Engineer to deliver projects that meet the client's requirements.

•    Using of latest technologies
Advanced technologies, tools, and file formats should be used in 3D rendering without investing in them. Trained professionals would explain the same.

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This article discussed 3D CAD modeling and drawing services in detail. It is important to have a good idea regarding the 3D CAD modeling services before working on any 3D model. Every product manufacturing company seeks to convert 2D drawings to 3D models. They rely on Mechanical 3D Modeling Services with operations based on seamless workflows.