3D Printing: A Revolutionary Era

3D Printing: A Revolutionary Era
  • Mar 24,2021

Consensus creates consumerism. Consumerism built of mass-produced branded and generic goods is what we live by. The industrial revolution brought upon us these factory manufacturing processes,  but somewhere along the line was born a new method of creation, production, and development.  

3D Printing, professionally known as Additive Manufacturing, is the construction of three-dimensional solid objects from a computer-aided design (CAD), or a digital file.  

This kind of manufacturing is an additive process, as opposed to the traditional subtractive process.

A subtractive process involves the subtraction of materials from a whole to arrive at a result. For instance, a block of stone carved into a statue or a yard of cloth cut to make a bedsheet. In both of the above examples, substance or material is removed (or subtracted).  

Whereas, an additive process involves the addition of successive layers to a base until an object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as thinly sliced horizontal cross-sections of the eventual object. The product to be created is digitally split into hundreds or thousands of layers and this information is fed to the 3D printer via a 3D Design Software. The 3D printer then starts transforming these digital layers into a three-dimensional object.

Until a while ago, the 3D printing term was restrictedly viewed as a generic synonym for building prototypes. But, it has the potential to shift the paradigm - from mass production to customizable,  individual production. The scope of 3D printing is endless – from instruments and toys to robots and mechanical parts, there's almost no limit to what a 3D printer can create.

And this is exactly what we bring you at Engineering Technique – all your 3D printing needs under one roof. Be it a  personalized souvenir for a loved one or a range of products for an entrepreneurial venture. We have a customized solution, every single time.

A multitude of 3D printing brands on the rise but which one to select? Fret not, for we’ve got an edge with a free consultation to introspect your needs.

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