Benefits of 3D Printing in Jewellery Industry

Benefits of 3D Printing in Jewellery Industry
  • Jan 27,2021

The Jewelry Industry has been using 3D Printing for many years. With the use of 3D Printing, they successfully transformed their manufacturing process.

The great benefits of using 3D Printing in the Jewelry industry are indeed the customization of designs and speed.

The penetration of the Internet and the availability of smart devices have expanded access to online shopping platforms. Most vendors in the global 3D print jewelry market sell their products through digital distribution channels. Larger internet penetration, increased consumer confidence in online shopping, faster shipping arrangements, and segmentation of consumer preference play an important role in the growth of the global 3D print jewelry industry.

The lack of qualified experts has increased the use of 3D Printing in the Jewelry industry.

Applications for 3D printing in the jewellery industry:

Project Demo and Design: Make enough models quickly to evaluate 3D printing equipment at the beginning of the design stage of the product, not just saving time, but also reducing the design defect.

Assembly & function test: Understand the objectives that the product's function is optimized, the cost of production is decreased, quality is increased and consumer acceptance of the product is promoted.

Customize as per demand: With a high-efficiency feature, 3D printers may help the purchaser react quickly to the customer's demand for customization and grab the high-end market, such as jewelry customization.

Direct development of Jewelry Parts: After 3D printing technology became increasingly popular, beautiful jewelry items began to emerge constantly, such as 3D printed jewelry, costumes appeared in many international fashion weeks, which amazed people a lot and gave people a wonderful world.

Use a printed wax model in lost-wax casting: With the assistance of 3D printing technology, complicated manual steps could be skipped and the development of wax models could be accelerated.

3D Jewelry Printing is now on its way to lower manufacturing prices, creativity in designs, and more precise printing machines.

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