DAMBOY – The Most Affordable and Accurate FDM 3D Printer

DAMBOY – The Most Affordable and Accurate FDM 3D Printer
  • Dec 21,2020

DAMboy is a single extruding FDM 3D Printer that is ideal for Manufacturing companies, Educational Institutes, and Start-Ups who need to create handy prototypes before production. The 3D printer is known to fit in with the requirements of High school and Engineering students for understanding complex engineering concepts, especially mechanical structures, formations, and products. With this 3D printer, students and entrepreneurs can build real Printed models covered in three dimensions.

DAMboy is also a complete Made in India project that is touted to be the most affordable FDM technology-based 3D Printer. The device provides stringent accuracy and precision in the making of its 3D parts.

We previously imported multiple 3D Printers for varied purposes in a plethora of dimensions that demanded more flexibility. The Covid-19 crisis has proven favourable to the company since the decision-makers collectively manufacturing real products like FDM 3D Printers along with raw materials powered by an effective, local supply chain.

A Dedicated and Result-Oriented Approach in Making DAMBoy

Engineering Technique has constantly leveraged its engineering and design expertise to create a host of products. The company envisaged the making of parts and manufacturing process for the product, first securing the deal for manufacturing 50 FDM 3D Printers “DAMBoy”.

Powered by the inspiring words of PM Narendra Modi that stressed on being “Vocal for Local”, Indian entrepreneurs and customers have now focused on Indian-made 3D Printers with affordable pricing but impeccable quality. Many companies have given up on imports and looked for homegrown avenues for their business. Engineering Technique’s 3D Printers lead the way in quality, brilliance, and appearance.

Manufactured by ENGINEERING TECHNIQUE, the product continues to make its presence felt in all spheres.

  • Engineering Technique was primarily a 3D Technology Solution provider to many industries since the last 3 decades.
  • The company has evolved into consulting phase of guiding troubled entrepreneurs out of their rut. It has managed long-lasting relationships with clients, team members and partners and has head office in Vadodara, India.

Engineering Technique aspires to live up to the promises that it enshrines on its products as part of the MADE IN INDIA symphony. The decision-makers are now focusing product line and driving customer experience. It is the team’s highest priority to make reliable and high-quality 3D Printers for customer delight.

Applications of DAMBoy in various spheres

  • Education: Leverage the robot and learn to print STEM course models, and many more.
  • Engineering: Improved design or specific parts of the design can be printed handily!
  • Art: Let the DAMboy fly and print figurines, inorganic designs, home decor lamps.
  • Architecture: Bring landscapes or miniature right through the window into your 3D files and then display them on the large screen.

Advantages of DAMboy 3D Printers

  • Local Technical Support for MADE IN INDIA product
  • Impeccable 3D Printing Capabilities
  • Compact size and Robust Structure
  • Touch-screen and Seamless Interface
  • SD card and USB both
  • Loads of spare parts available

DAMBoy 3D Printer Features

  • Build Dimensions(mm): 200x200x200/ 300x300x300/ 450x450x400
  • No. of Extruders: Single Extruder
  • Heated Bed: YES
  • Open Filament System: YES
  • Levelling: Auto
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, ABS
  • Layer Thickness (with 0.4 Nozzle): 0.05-0.3
  • Standard Nozzle Supply with Machine: 0.4
  • Max Nozzle Temperature: 245
  • Max Bed Temperature: 100
  • Standard Connectivity: USB and/or Micro SD
  • Network Connectivity: No
  • Machine Structure: Aluminium Profile and Sheetmetal
  • X and Y Movement: Steel Rods
  • Power Requirements: AC 220-240V, 50-60 Hz

Top Five Reasons why one should invest in Indian-Made 3D Printers like DAMBoy:

  • Ideal pricing for Industrial FDM 3D Printer.
  • Quality driving the biggest business, in all its deliverables
  • 3D Printers that are handy by those who created FDM Manufacturing.
  • Avoid Risks when being involved in imports.
  • Trained technical Team of several professionals that ensure outstanding local support.

For any Commercial Inquiries, please call on +919427611239 or mail to marketing@enggtechnique.com