Improve Design Work as a Team with SOLIDWORKS PDM [Webinar]

Improve Design Work as a Team with SOLIDWORKS PDM [Webinar]
  • Sep 16,2021

Know how SOLIDWORKS PDM help you get your engineering data under control and allow you to work seamlessly with your team.

In this webinar you can expect to learn:

•    Centralise Data with Secure Vault
•    Generate Complex Project Folder Structure and organize Data
•    Control Duplication of Data Using Auto Serial Number
•    Search Documents & References
•    Auto Generate Bill of Materials – Compare and Export
•    Maintain Version and Revision of Your Data

SOLIDWORKS® PDM (Product Data Management) solutions provide an easy way for designers to collaborate on product designs without worrying about version control or data loss. They can store CAD models and supporting documents—anything from emails to images—in an indexed central repository that tracks versions and automates workflows. This reduces time spent searching for data and eliminates the duplication of effort.

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