Improving Medical Device Design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Improving Medical Device Design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Sep 14,2020

The Medical Device Industry has been in news from the last 5 months due to obvious reasons and its due to COVID-19. But the Medical device industry is here to stay, Market drivers for medical device growth include a greying population, steady economic growth in emerging markets, and innovative approaches to diagnostics and latest medical innovations, due to this the use of various medical devices has witnessed a drastic increase in their sales.

What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

For the Product Engineers who use SOLIDWORKS software to design Medical Device, the testing during each stage of product development is crucial to understanding how products will work and whether they will behave as desired. SOLIDWORKS Simulation design validation solutions enable SOLIDWORKS Product Design Engineers and users to perform a variety of simulations and leverage CAD data for different engineering purposes during all phases of the design process.

Proven Simulation Solution

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has virtual testing capabilities that are built on a strong finite element analysis (FEA) foundation.

The complete integration between SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD offers multiple benefits for the medical engineer:

•    100 percent collaboration between the design model and simulation model so any design changes and variations are automatically updated on the simulation model for “what if” scenarios.

•    Excellent data (3D CAD) support: The design properties become engineering properties for a productive and trouble-free workflow such as fasteners, automatic recognition of fluid domain in CFD materials properties, and recognition of the geometry topology for mesh definition.

•    A Shared communication tool with eDrawings allows simulation results to be easily communicated downstream with all stakeholders of the project.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation, together with the CFD capabilities in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, the plastic injection molding tools with SOLIDWORKS Plastics, the sustainability features in SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, and the rigid body motion simulation of SOLIDWORKS Motion have helped users test such medical products as cardiovascular stents, heart valve replacements, orthopedic implants, blood pressure monitors, anaesthetic units, cancer treatment delivery systems, solution pumps, open oxygen delivery systems, centrifugal blood separators, needle-free drug delivery systems, and many more.

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