Lead the Next Generation of Product Development with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Lead the Next Generation of Product Development with 3DEXPERIENCE Works
  • Feb 07,2023

Design Managers, directors, or Vice President of product development must ensure that their teams produce reliable, functional, ergonomic, visually attractive, manufacturable, and marketable products cost-effectively.

The typical product development process, from design through manufacturing, produces overwhelming amounts of data from different applications. A mechanical design project may contain numbers of files, including assembly, part, drawings, simulations, and manufacturing. How do you effectively and quickly manage these data for the advantage of the organization?

3DEXPERIENCE Works is a business innovation portfolio from Dassault Systemes that connects people, data, and applications in a unified environment, enabling all key stakeholders to participate in the product development process. It leverages the cloud-based CAD 3DEXPERIENCE platform and combines the power of SOLIDWORKS.

How 3DEXPERIENCE Works helps Product Development Leaders?

•    Streamlines Decision-Making

It can be tough for design and engineering teams to talk with non-technical stakeholders, who are regularly choice-makers at the executive stage. These stakeholders, but need to have an entire expertise of product designs to provide vital comments and log out to move tasks ahead.

Without a particular information of engineering’s goal, tensions can quick build, inflicting capability conversation breakdowns and slowing the choice-making manner to a painful crawl.

Leveraging the cloud-based collaboration tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform permits non-engineering selection-makers a “window” into the design. Regardless of technical potential, team members can interrogate models at the cloud-based platform at their leisure. It facilitates them participate in actual-time opinions with none considered necessary 3D CAD knowledge.

Permitting non-technical proprietors/executives/managers to participate early in the design evaluation procedure skyrockets collaboration and productiveness at the front end. Anyone is on the equal web page. Decisions are made faster. It's far less complicated to discover issues, speak issues, and recommend resolutions. Capability issues are exposed earlier in the system, preventing downstream delays.

•    Simplifies Data Management

o    Knowing who's operating on what task?
o    When every section of a project is due?
o    Why delays occur?
o    How to manage and control all the data?

All above are day by day demanding situations faced by product development leaders and their teams.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio is reason-built to manipulate the product development lifecycle allow teams to make contributions their departmental understanding at most desirable junctures inside the process.

That is amazing news for SOLIDWORKS customers and different small to midsize companies who don’t have the time or money to put in force a complex data management system. 3DEXPERIENCE Works tools enable you to say goodbye to screen captures, data extractions, Excel spreadsheets, emails, and a hodgepodge of various departmental tools. The platform automatically maintains an audit path of each engineering and communications statistics, helping to decrease mistakes and communication miscues.

Cloud-based PLM is increasingly the preferred way to manage product development data. 3DEXPERIENCE Works has a single product definition at its core. Meaning anybody within the company can view, regulate, and contribute to at least one continuous workflow based on their characteristic and get entry to rights.

•    Secures Cooperation

We've mentioned how designers and engineers can advantage from included surroundings. but what about manufacturing?

It's still regular for small to midsize manufacturers to rely on phone calls, emails, faxes as the primary vehicles to speak with clients. But, simply as designers do, manufacturing can work from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that is automatically in sync with product development. That is genuine whether products are produced in-residence or with out of doors suppliers.

Design engineers and manufacturing have a record of strained relationships. No longer being at the identical web page can hurt productiveness, ensuing in better product expenses. The cloud-based based platforms allow you to create project communities in which you may securely invite anyone on the task, consisting of customers and providers, to collaborate.

Actual-time design for manufacturing (DFM) advice from the shop floor avoids potentially highly priced downstream troubles. Plus, all verbal exchange is captured on the platform, so traceability is constructed right in. Availing all of us involved in 3D reviews is like sharing a common language.

While designers and engineers are related to production earlier within the manner, overdue-level product issues end up an element of the past.

•    Gets Everyone on the Same Page

Being a product development leader isn't easy. It is a difficult, sensitive, and nuanced balancing act of speaking with the executive team even as main your design, engineering, and production teams who're in the trenches constructing products.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio of design-via-manufacturing solutions makes it easier to leverage your team’s respective know-how. Primary data management is integrated at the platform, and you may upload greater functionality as your company grows and desires alternate. Plus, you've access to reason-built tools for product development that are for all key stakeholders, from executives and design engineers to shop-floor personnel and suppliers.

If you want to learn more about efficiently managing product development at your company, contact Engineering Technique for more information and see how 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions can connect all aspects of your product development process.