Learn the 5 Top Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS

Learn the 5 Top Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS
  • Nov 16,2019

The trend towards greater automation and data sharing among product development and manufacturing technologies - often referred to as the Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 - is having a dramatic impact on the types of tools designers need to develop products. Manufacturers have embraced automation because it provides many competitive advantages, and product developers increasingly face design, workflow, and data requirements that extend beyond the capabilities of traditional, single-point 3D modeling and 2D drawing solutions. Meeting these emerging automations and data-sharing demands requires designers to utilize an integrated 3D product development system like the SOLIDWORKS design-to-manufacturing environment. With integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions, product development and manufacturing organizations can help lead this automation transformation. This paper details the primary benefits - the top five reasons - to switch to the integrated SOLIDWORKS 3D product development ecosystem.

An integrated, multi-disciplinary CAD environment like SOLIDWORKS enables product development and manufacturing teams to concurrently leverage the master 3D CAD model for all other design tasks, enabling all stakeholders to work collaboratively with one another. Doing so not only eliminates duplicate tasks and cuts down on errors, but improves collaboration.

Download "The Top Five Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS for Product Development" to learn how switching to integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions boosts productivity, reduces costs, improves quality, fosters collaboration, increases innovation and puts you on a path to establishing and maintaining a smart, agile, effective, and successful product development and manufacturing organization.

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