Picking up the right 3D CAD software – An intelligent choice

Picking up the right 3D CAD software – An intelligent choice
  • Jan 18,2021

CAD software have become the backbone of cutting-edge innovations and development of new products in the field of engineering and manufacturing industry. Companies accelerate their innovations and enhance the development process at the same time decreasing the expenditure using them.

CAD has created its own niche in the blueprint industry. Amongst the diverse industries, 3D CAD software capture between one-third and one-half of the systems. The rest of the systems are used for 2D computer-aided designing.

There are several engineering CAD software prevailing in the market namely, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Autodesk, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Kompas 3D, etc. Each CAD software may have distinctive characteristics and features for 3D modeling and create designs.

Selection of the apt CAD software is a strenuous task when there is no familiarity or very little knowledge of the operating mechanism. For choosing the 3D CAD software, fitting one’s expectations, the following criteria need to be considered:

•    Proficiency & Adept 3D Modeling

The fundamental facet of 3D CAD software allows the user to create product design in a well-timed manner. It becomes necessary to evaluate the efficiency of CAD software for creating designs in 3D with minimal efforts but sustaining the quality of the output. CAD software should support the users in the stages of their product development process including analysis, amalgamation and documentation of the absolute design procedure.

•    Effortless Exchanging of Documentation

Using an appropriate CAD software eradicates the necessity for translation of files between systems. As compared with the expenditures incurred for recreating the designs based on the interactions with the customers, the 3D CAD software offer the feature of exchanging CAD files with external parties benefiting both in terms of cost, valuable time and delivering unsurpassed quality.

•    Future-ready Tool in-line with current standards

The 3D CAD software should be selected keeping in mind the standard you require for all of your drawings in terms of dimensions, tolerances, imprinting, and items lineup. The blueprints generated should be available in common formats.

Several manufacturers use annotated 3D models, often popular as “model-based definition” for providing their remarks on the drawings, saving significant time by simplifying the management of the product and eliminating errors in execution of the changes.

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•    State-of-art tool for giving life to your designs

Apart from the time and cost reduction features, a 3D CAD software is responsible for the quality of testing, wiring of machinery, controlling the budgeted cost and records for successful inspection of the components of the product. A perfect amalgamation of these features into suitable add-ins into your CAD system can cut down the time taken for the product launch in the market.

•    Aiding product data management

CAD software integrated with product data management software are ought to help the designers to control the dissemination of critical information to the key stakeholders. A variety of information such as component listings, in-stock items, cost estimation support the users to plan their resources effectively.

•    Cutting-edge research & analysis to secure your ROI

The CAD software should be capable of integrating the new advancements in the technology from time to time. The software with a proven record of high performance across reputed manufacturing organizations should be opted for.

•    Cordial alliance

The supplier for CAD software should be able to offer customized packages as per the requirement of their customers to support the comprehensive needs as well as standalone requirements.

•    Easy to apprehend

The CAD software should be easy to learn and should have in-built tutorials, quick online support and an exhaustive library of data to accelerate the learning process.

•    Access to serviceable Reseller

The CAD software should be purchased from an authorized reseller with a proven track record of quality and high-performance service metrics. Adequate training and instant support should be provided by the reseller.

Picking up the perfect CAD software requires discreet thinking, an in-depth insight of the business objectives and understanding the range of competencies required for the expedited product launch into the market.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is an integrated tool which enhances innovative product development solutions across various industries. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Software is available in three different packages namely, Premium, Professional and Standard packages. SOLIDWORKS Standard is a basic tool. SOLIDWORKS Premium is an all-inclusive 3D design solution that complements to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional with powerful simulation, motion, and design validation tools, advanced wire, and pipe routing functionality, reverse engineering capabilities, etc.

Engineering Technique has an extensive experience in the 3D CAD and its offerings. Having partnered with Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS, Engineering Technique has become an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design and modeling software in Gujarat region of India. Engineering Technique can support you in managing the lifecycle of your product development through the use of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD systems.

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